Free Office Snacks and Other Reasons to Be Happyish

Hey, look, it’s Tuesday already. THE WORK WEEK IS ALMOST OVER! Life is tough, even at the best of times, so, aside from it being Hump Day Eve, here are a few things to maybe lift your spirits, look forward to, or otherwise distract yourself with to forget all the crappy stuff, at least for a bit.

  • If your workplace offers free office snacks, that is a reason to be happy. I’m just sayin’ whatever it is, it’s FREE FOOD! Come on, people, BUCK UP.
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  • Speaking of eating, Joe Coulombe, the founder of Trader Joe’s (see what he did there?) died last week at 89. That’s not happy news BUT, on the bright side, Trader Joe’s is still open and, on the brightest side, they are selling these Maple Leaf cookies and SWEET LORD are they good! YOUR LIFE CANNOT TOO BAD WHEN THESE COOKIES ARE IN IT!
  • Today is Super Tuesday! Maybe that doesn’t sound exciting to you but watching Steve Kornacki work that big touch screen breaking down the action like John Madden on the telestrator is pretty entertaining, IMO. Plus, who knows, maybe your preferred candidate will do well! 🤞BONUS!
  • Daylight Savings kicks off this weekend. Some people don’t like this tradition. NOT ME! We still have some stand-alone timepieces in the house that need changing twice a year and that is my chance to shine! HERE’S WHERE I REMIND THE FAMILY OF MY USEFULNESS! ⏰

That’s what I have for the moment. Later! 👋

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Cartoonist. Former Dave Letterman joke writer. Yinzer. Dad of two girls (one a T1Der). Beer drinker. Pizza lover. He/him.

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