MIT-themed coloring pages!

Bored being cooped up? Download and fill in these MIT-themed coloring pages!

Bored being all cooped up at home? Need something to keep the kids busy so you can get some work done? How about filling in some MIT-themed coloring pages?! 🖍

I contributed a drawing to a collection for MIT MindHandHeart. IT’S ARGUABLY THE NERDIEST COLORING BOOK PAGE EVER! It was really fun to work on.

Coloring book page showing MIT students juggling, tightrope walking, drone flying.

Remember when we used to be able to be near other people like this? GOOD TIMES!

Click here to download a PDF of my drawing.

Click here to get ALL of these fun pages, all created by MIT community members.

Enjoy and STAY HOME!

Written by

Cartoonist. Former Dave Letterman joke writer. Yinzer. Dad of two girls (one a T1Der). Beer drinker. Pizza lover. He/him.

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